What Every Marriage Must Know is written to enlighten married couples and individuals who are interested in marriage and the importance that God has placed on it.   Oneness begins when you say, “I do.” Oneness is demonstrated through a lifetime of experiences in which each spouse gives 100 percent of their life to each other. Also, check out these new dieting books available online.
Street signs and signals have been utilized in our society for decades to help us navigate unknown territories and to reach our destinations. Marriage has a similar navigation process. There are warning signs and signals before and during a marriage to help couples identify strengths, weaknesses, and deficiencies. If couples pay attention to these signals, they can ensure a successful marriage. This book is a roadmap for you to follow for your marriage to become successful.
Book Highlights:

  • Marriage is a partnership between individuals from different families.
  • Each spouse brings experiences, values, and expectations to a common goal – oneness.
  • Marriage is always in a learning stage.
  • A peaceful home must be a goal of marriage.

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