The Power of Time – Living a Life of No Regrets

The Power of Time helps you to focus on establishing and fulfilling the vision for your life through time management. It even provides teaching about different ways we minister to people and how we can do a little each day/week to carry us to release the vision. It includes exercises, scriptures of reference, and tables as tools for you throughout reading the book. It was definitely worth my time…
The methods and techniques covered in this book are well thought out. If you map out your use of your valuable time and follow suggestions in book, you can improve/optimize workflow.
Hostile Takeover – Manifesting God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Finances

Dr. Sabrina Adams – Publisher, Bible Teacher, Conference Speaker, and Author

“What I appreciate about this book is that it takes a spiritual look at finances and teaches the reader how to apply those skills in their day to day use of money. Secondly, that by taking control of your money through planning and budgeting you can achieve your financial dreams.”

Sharon from Michigan – Entrepreneur/Grant Writer/Business & Non Profit Coach

“If you want to get your finances in order here is a book that can help you do it, God’s way. This scriptural based financial book will guide you in getting your personal finances in order. I highly recommend Hostile Takeover; Manifesting God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Finances by Cedric Dukes.”

Angela from Michigan

“I enjoy reading your books. One of the subjects that impressed me was the manner in which you detail the difference among the tithe, offering, alms, and first fruit. To be quite frank, I never thought of giving alms at all. I have consistently participated in giving offering and tithe, but not the latter two. Also, you provided clarity on how, why and steps to how a person can provide first fruits. After reading your books, I believe I will be able to participate in the opportunity to provide the first fruit. (Thank you).”

Thomas Family from Tennessee

” God’s word, the Bible, is such a masterfully created source intended for all mankind to use throughout their facets life. We truly want to thank Cedric Dukes for his well written book, “Hostile Takeover – Manifesting God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Finances.” During the recession author Dukes book has been a tool that has helped “The Thomas Family” in the state of Tennessee with budgeting and spending less! We are more conscious about every penny spent, saved, and invested! Again, thank you for connecting God’s word with everyday financial principles. We look forward to reading your book on time management. May our Lord and Savior continue to use you, Mr. Cedric Dukes, as an instrument of His divine Grace!

Dr. Kenya Ayers – Radio Personality AM 1340 – WEXL – Prescriptions for Hope

“Easy to read and biblically based so that anyone can understand.”

Sharel Love  – APOOO Book Club

“With our economy in such a downturn with the loss of homes, unemployment rates through the roof, and more people filing for bankruptcy in record numbers, one wonders if we will ever experience anything in abundance again. In Hostile Takeover-God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Finances, Author Cedric Dukes gives us a biblical-based way to honor God and be blessed in our finances.”