Man – Transforming our families, our communities, and our world

  • Your actions shape the destiny and direction of your future and family.
  • There are multiple mountains a man must travel and cross.
  • A man can impact one person, one community and a world by his actions.
  • A transformed man leaves a legacy to his family, community and world.

The Power of Time – Living a Life of No Regrets

  • Your time is limited – What are you doing with the 24 hours you have?
  • Timing is everything.
  • Your entire life is dependent on the decisions that you make.
  • Success is not a one-time event but a completed succession of events that happen daily.

What Every Marriage Must Know – A Roadmap to Marital Success

  • Marriage is a partnership between individuals from different families.
  • Each spouse brings experiences, values, and expectations to a common goal – oneness.
  • Marriage is always in a learning stage.
  • A peaceful home must be a goal of marriage.

Hostile Takeover – Manifesting God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Finances

  • Become the CEO/Banker of your personal economy
  • Design a robust plan to create sustainable growth now and in the future.
  • $In ≠ $Out: Limit outside influences and begin a hostile takeover of your finances.
  • Use finance as a tool to get to your goal.


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