A Perfect Role Model (Audio)
October 9, 2018
Chronos and Kairos Time
October 16, 2018
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Which one are you? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, penned this from sitting in jail fitting for justice.

I ask the same question – which one are you? Are you the one that waits for the room to get to a certain temperature and impacted by the surroundings or are you the one that regulates the temperature and conversation and mood in the meeting? I am not talking about taking over the meeting. I am talking about providing engaging discussions. Sometimes you have to become both to understanding the surroundings before you can regulate the discussion. The thermometer can become a wall flower waiting for someone to engage with them. That’s when you turn the thermostat on and ask those engaging questions that will cause coworkers and management to think. That is when you bring out of the box ideas for solutions. Your company pays you to solve problems that is why you are hired.

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