Which are you? Thermostat or Thermometer
October 9, 2018
Your Name is a Brand (Audio)
October 20, 2018

The area where most employees get sucked in is time. I am not talking about time management even though we should. I am talking about whether the time is right for you. There are two types time – Chronos and Kairos. These are Greek words for time. Chronos is sequential time which means chronological time. Kairos means the right and opportune time. Most of the time we think in Chronos time when things should be done and when questions should be answered. But more and more we need to understand there is a Kairos time that each of us has. There is Kairos time for every project, task, goal and deadline. Insistently calling someone for the answer to a question will not speed it up. I have learned that answers are not known until certain things are in place. So continue to wait and be patient until the answer come.  More than likely the answer will not be the answer that you are looking for. Wait for the Kairos time for any and all situations.

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