The process of building a vision like the ANT
August 7, 2018
Better to Give than Receive
August 21, 2018

Your entire life is dependent on the decisions that you make and the time that you take to complete them. You must make the most of every opportunity that is presented to you. Every decision that you make will affect something or somebody. Timing is important, as you become vision oriented. As you get focused and concentrate on those activities that deal with your purpose, you will see and experience an extraordinary amount of time on your hands. For myself, I only do the things that matter to me the most. I don’t ignore the other stuff, but I plan my day around the most important activity that is going to get me the best results. With that, I find more time on my hands, plus there is less stress. This is called prioritization; prioritization is a key principle in your life once you understand that timing is everything.

The key to time management is defining timelines. Timelines keep the vision and goals from dying. They keep the vision fresh and in front of you. They keep your task alive, and they are a great reminder that you have a vision. Timelines are boundaries that push you into your purpose. You need boundaries established so that you do not get off track. Boundaries allow you to stay within the course of life; they will not allow you to wander off aimlessly unless you purposely ignore them.

Some say that boundaries prevent creativity and initiative. I beg to differ. Boundaries help stimulate creativity because you are forced to work within a specific time to get something accomplished. Boundaries can be moved; they are not set in stone. If a particular task is not met because of someone or something not being accountable, redefine its timeline. Don’t become condemned or frustrated because you did not complete it on time.

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