We don’t have to worry – we have the victory
July 10, 2018
June Email Newsletter
July 24, 2018

The new attitude of walking in the Spirit is like the poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken basically describes the road in which one will need to take.  The poem was published in 1916 and it told about the two roads that the traveler took. The traveler looked at both grassy roads. Both equally had leaves and the traveler knew the way of one road and not the other. So he decided to take the road less traveled. In this poem the traveler had a choice to make. One was of comfort while the other was of suspense and uncertainty. That is sort of like how having a new attitude of walking in the Spirit. You will never know what will happened at the end because the control and outcome is not up to you but of God. All we are called is to go through the process. And through the process people are impacted and our lives are changed forever. 

Our journey ultimately will impact others in this life so the roads we take are important for growth.  If you don’t understand how to select the right road, ask God. He will let you know through the Holy Spirit. He will do it in so many ways to get the full and complete picture to you.

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