Man the Father
June 16, 2018
Fathers and Daughters
June 16, 2018

Fathers, teach your son how to become a man. Praise him when he’s right and correct him when he’s wrong. A son’s view of manhood is distorted when the father is not present. Fathers, teach your son to respect his mother and other women. Don’t allow him to treat her wrong. Teach him that his mother cares for him deeply, which starts with you. Fathers, teach your son the value of work. Start your sons young understanding how to handle finances. Work is good for his mind, body, and soul. It helps with self-esteem. Work will allow a man to master his responsibilities and put life’s priorities into perspective. Fathers, establish a connection with them, finding out what they like; finding out why they act a certain way. A son will respect a loving, strong man when he gets older. Set the priority now.


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