Fathers and Sons
June 16, 2018
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July 3, 2018

Fathers, your relationship with your daughter grows stronger through life experiences. Daughters desire protection from a father. They want comfort only a father can give them. Fathers, our responsibility is to be there with them to provide love and protection. If we want them to grow up and meet the right husband, we must show them what that looks like. If we want them to have the best, we must show them what to look for. If we want them not to be the object that media and music portrays, then we must ensure we are there to address that. We must be there to distinguish right from wrong, love from lust, inward beauty from physical beauty.

Fathers, treat your daughters with respect. There will be times when you will not know what is going on. Hang in there. Listen to them vent. Listen to their heart, not their voice. Sometimes daughters have to talk it through as opposed to sons who may keep their emotions inside. Listen without judging. It may be hard to do, but you can do it. The next time – she will open up to you more.

Finally, fathers, it is our responsibility to nurture our daughters into the women whom God made them to be. Show them your love. In our daughters’ search of finding a husband, they will not fall to the wrong man because they have seen and experienced the love of their father

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