Understanding and Knowing Your Spouse Spending Habits
March 20, 2018
God has not forgotten you
April 2, 2018

Have you ever tried to have faith as tiny as a mustard seed? It’s hard because when you get something in your mind it starts out small and to accomplish it seems far fetch.  When you are in the middle of it you don’t see your faith grows. What I have learned that faith is action.  Faith comes in all forms of execution. There could be faith of preparation. There is faith of walking or running out a single task. There is faith of prayer and believing.  I have realized  faith grows as you do these things. You never know how much of your faith grows. When I started running 5Ks many years ago,  I never imagined finishing a race. All I wanted to do was to lose weight.  Now when I run my expectation is to finish with a good time for my age group. When I started writing books, I never imagined of being an author of 4 books or let alone someone read them. Writing 1 or more pages became a chapter, those chapters became a book and those books are sold worldwide. Faith is something you can’t see at the time but become visible while you are in the process. Faith starts tiny then grows and it grows step by step to something you can’t imagined

Examples of faith

  • Noah – Listened to God and built a large boat to save his family from the flood though he did not see
  • Abraham – God told him to leave the city that he was familiar and  gave him an inheritance that no man could give.
  • Sarah – Conceived her son though she was old and barren. She believed God for the promise and she started a dynasty.


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