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November 6, 2017
Truth 1
November 12, 2017

Truth 1 – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is the manifestation of personal revelation and true application of time management.

Truth 2 – God owns all time.

Truth 3 – God made man accountable for his time on earth.

Truth 4 – Your time on earth is limited.

Truth 5 – God knew your success before you were born.

Truth 6 – Receiving eternal life is timeless.

Truth 7 – God loved you so much that his son, Jesus, died on the cross for you.

Truth 8 – You are on earth for ministry.

Truth 9 – Your ministry must be visionary.

Truth 10 – You are just an answer away from understanding who you are.

Truth 11 – Ask God.

Truth 12 – Your vision has to breathe.

Truth 13 – Break up the vision.

Truth 14 – Rome was not built in a day.

Truth 15 – Tasks are the lifeblood of achieving goals.

Truth 16 – People who work the vision have bought into the vision.

Truth 17 – A task cannot be completed without an owner.

Truth 18 – Being a confident, competent person is a key ingredient in becoming accountable.

Truth 19 – Timing is everything.

Truth 20 – Timing is measured in milestones.

Truth 21 – If you do not prioritize, timelines and milestones become useless in your pursuit of the vision.

Truth 22 – Strategically plan your time.

Truth 23 – Not giving denies the very existence of living your purpose on earth.

Truth 24 – The accomplishment of your vision will be determined by the diligence of your soul.

Truth 25 – Diligent planning of your vision will lead to profit.

Truth 26 – The key to winning the battle for your vision is how you hear.

Truth 27 – Doing God’s will creates value.

Truth 28 – Your belief propels your vision.

Truth 29 – Belief is an internal thought that encourages an external act.

Truth 30 – Your body is the temple of God.

Truth 31 – The body has to be relieved of stress.

Truth 32 – Exercising promotes creativity.

Truth 33 – A stress-free mind and body energize the soul.

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