How to strengthen families
November 5, 2017
Time Tested Truths
November 10, 2017

Step 1

Establish a budget. Capture all of your income and expenses.

Step 2

Establish weekly giving of your tithe and offerings through your local church. You will begin to see God move in your finances.

Step 3

Establish a regular savings plans. Make sure your savings fits comfortably within your budget. You must invest in yourself. If you already have investments, ensure that you have the right ones. Make your investments grow. You can refer back to the investment chapter for ideas.

Step 4

Be aggressive in paying every bill on time and continuously eliminate debt as it arises. Eliminating debt is a continuous cycle. Don’t try to hit a homerun the first time. Chip away at the debt until you have none at all.

Step 5

Continue to give your money to the kingdom of God through alms and begin preparation for giving of the firstfruit. Don’t feel ashamed of what you are giving. Please God, not man.

Step 6

Continuously work the spiritual and natural principles until you get your desired result.

Step 7

Hostile Takeover

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