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March 20, 2017
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May 2, 2017

Motivation is different for every man. Some are motivated by fame and fortune. Some are motivated by their job. Others are motivated by their family. Each man has a motivation. I encourage you to find out what that is and ask yourself, “Would God be pleased with my actions?” Motivation originates in the heart. Whatever we put or allow in our heart will show up as motivation. I am not questioning one’s motivation. I am questioning what we put in our heart. When
we allow stuff (good or bad) in our heart, it can produce those things that will ultimately define our purpose.

One of the first murders in the Bible was between two brothers – Cain and Abel. The two brothers brought an offering (gift) to the Lord. God accepted Abel’s offering but He did not accept Cain’s. The difference in the two was motivation. Abel gave God his best, which was the first born of his flock, and Cain gave God what was from the ground. Abel brought something more valuable to God. Cain short-changed God. What was their motivation? Abel wanted to please God
with his faith. As a result of his insecurity, Cain killed Abel. His selfish motivation was rooted in pride.

For me, I have to check myself on my motives. Yes, some of my motives are selfish, especially when I want to get the last word in an argument. For the short term, getting in the last word feels great, but in the long run it may cause irreparable harm to me and the ones that I love.

Our motivation must be rooted in love. Love is the greatest equalizer of self-centeredness. When you are in a predicament about something, ask yourself, “Am I doing this in love or doing this to get something?” Every time you will answer truthfully.


Excerpt from “Man”

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