Time is money
November 1, 2016
Can You Forgive?
March 15, 2017

We have seen the decline of manhood in our culture for many years, even decades. Whether it was our own fault, men have not effectively presented a positive picture. We have done some great things, but, on the other hand, we have done some terrible acts, which can be traced back to the start of civilization. What makes a man tick? What makes him act out of character? Is it him, his surroundings, or was he born with the short end of the stick? I wrote this book so we men can understand our value and purpose in society. In some cases – in our attitudes, traits, and character – we are not living up to our purpose. Each man has a purpose to accomplish on this earth. When a man understands his purpose and walks in it, he impacts families, communities, and the world.

In no way should women lag behind; they are just as equal as men. However, the frustration of many women and children in society could be the absence of strong men – emotionally and physically. Being a strong man does not mean that we should rule with an iron fist. A strong man exhibits love and respect.
A strong man directs and guides. A strong man with values thinks about the legacy that he is leaving behind. A strong man balances his home through the ups and downs of life.



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