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September 10, 2012
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January 22, 2013

Many have been concerned about the future – the next election, the economy, and whether they will have a job at the end of the year. Rightly so as the job market is slowly growing; companies have not hired at full strength. This is something that we cannot control as we move forward as it is out of personal influence. The only part of life that we can control is ourselves. This is a harsh reality but time and time again, success is not indicative by outside resources; success is in our hands. In relation to the economy, our jobs, and the next election, we must realize that our future is our personal responsibility. The government nor any one else can control what we do. Our future is in our hands along with our jobs and our personal economy. It boils down to what we do. Look at your hands and see the future. It can become bright or it can become dim – it’s our call.

There is an illustration of controlling the future. It is found in Matthew 25:14-30, there was a man who was traveling to a faraway country who called his servants together to give some of his talents (which was a large sum of money) while he was gone. The man gave his servants some of his talents which were according to their personal ability. For one servant, he gave five talents. Another one, he gave two and another one he gave one. Some but not all of the servants went about doing business with the master’s talents and created opportunities for their master. After a while, the master returned to hear the report of the servants. The servant with the five and two talents doubled the master talents while the servant with the one talent hid the talent into the ground. When the man received the talents from the servants who doubled his talent, he told them, “Well done. You have been faithful over a few things now I am going to make you a ruler over many things.” The servant with the one talent was chastised by the master and stripped the talent and was expelled from his presence.

Frightening story but there is a life application lesson. Let me expound on them. Lesson 1 1, because of the faithfulness of servants who doubled their talents, they were immediately appointed over other things of his master’s – albeit they secured their future.. The servants were diligent with the master’s money and went and traded what was in their hands for more. The next lesson is that we learn that true increase only happens when you have an open hand. Being apart of the master’s company, they knew that they were responsible for the master’s bottom line. Therefore they used their time, talents, and gift to ensure the increase for their master. Their concern was not for themselves but for another person. Fortunately for them, when they increase the bottom line, their bottom line increased. The servant with the one talent was fearful of making a mistake so he did nothing. As a result, he was expelled from participating his master’s business. This is beginning to sound like the real world. He kept a closed hand and the hind got him fired. My last point is that when are out hearts are moved to help others we will genuinely see our future increased. Matthew 25:29 says this, To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away. This is the stewardship principle. We never really own anything in this world. We are caretakers, tenants in a foreign land ultimately using our time, talent, and gifts from our Creator, God.

Our future is not tied into a man, a job, or an election or even our finances. Our future is tied into God because he wants to not only bless you but bless others. Your time, talents, and gifts are important. Take time out today to review what is in your hands. Look at all aspects of your life and determine to live for Him, not a system nor a government because everything that He has given us is ultimately His (Psalm 24:1) Don’t hid your talent, increase it and make it your future.

Make it a great day,

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