Volume 4 – Your Money Answers: Investments
May 17, 2011
Volume 6 of Your Money Answers – Tough Decisions, Many Options
June 22, 2011

Finance is a tool that should benefit you. When the tool is used correctly, it does wonderful things for your life. If you allow it to master you, it will bring pain, frustration, and disappointment.  Mastering the tool of finances will bring you into the abundant life that God has prepared for you. Here are some questions from readers and more tips about your money.

 Income Generating Tips

  •  Put God first and resist falling in love with money (Luke 16:13)
  • Find a higher paying job
  • Pay your tithes  (Malachi 3:8)
  • Work with your utility company to develop a payment plan to fit your budget needs
  • Develop your budget and reduce or eliminate discretionary spending (cell phone, internet service, grooming, eating out, etc.) (Proverbs 27:23)
  • Review insurances for higher deductibles
  • Start your own business (Isaiah 48:17)
  • Be generous (Matthew 10:8 & Proverbs 22:9)
  • Payoff consumer debts from the smallest to the largest in value
  • Use  bank debit cards instead of credit cards to control spending (Romans 13:8)
  • Adjust your withholding/exemptions from your paycheck
  • Renegotiate your rent or refinance your mortgage to a lower rate
  • Keep investing in yourself – hard work grows into wealth (Proverbs 14:23)


 Question – Why do I really have to tithe and what will it really do for me?

 Most people ask me this question because they have subscribed to the fact that tithing is not required because it was referenced in the Old Testament and secondly God knows their situation. It is true that God wants the best for you that is why He instituted the tithe to meet and exceed your needs. The tithe is for your benefit.  God only requires a dime out of a dollar because He wants to set up a repetitive cycle of blessings for you and your family. When you give, your needs are met and increase happens in your life not only in the area of money, but in all areas of your life.

There are 3 different promises from giving the tithe: First, God promises that He will open the windows of Heaven for you to become a blessing (Malachi 3:10). Secondly, the giving of the tithe protects your future income and prevents debt (Malachi 3:11). Lastly, the tithe will ensure a lasting testimony of God’s greatness for your life (Malachi 3:12). Your witness for God will be much stronger and you will become the light of the world that people are searching.

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