Money Corner Question: Should married couples have separate checking accounts
April 13, 2011
Volume 2 of Your Money Answers – Kids Finance, Investment, and Debt
April 22, 2011

So what, no one should care. As long as no individuals holds it over that other person, it does not matter. The husband and the wife are one in the eyes of God. Your income is one not two. Allow no division to come upon you.

Here are some helpful suggestions for married couples:

1) Refrain from controlling or domineering behavior

2) Refer to the money as “our” not mine

3)Husbands, Get over the fact that she earns more

4)Continue to encourage each other in your career

5)Both of you have the final say so in all financial decisions

6) Have the same financial goals

7) Hold budget meetings at your house and talk candidly about your money – for you are a corporation

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