Position of Strength!
December 14, 2010
The Power of Financial Resurrection
February 1, 2011

What can we learned from Aesop’s Fable – Tortoise and Hare? We learn patience, planning, vision, and consistency are all keys to success not only in business but in our personal lives. The race is not given to the swift but those who stay on course with the plan. Success is not guaranteed instantly in life. If so, there would not be any struggle. Success is only guaranteed when you plan, think it through, adjust and follow it to fruition.

The tortoise was not being deterred by the speed of the hare. He ran his own race; used his own energy to the best of his natural resources and finally won at his own pace. He ran not against the hare, he ran against himself. It was him that he had to beat not someone else.

So I say, how is your race to your financial future? Are you speeding through it like gang busters? Are you speeding trying to make a quick buck in the stock market? Are you running through life not fulfilling any dreams or are you sleeping at the wheel? Think about the hare; get a plan, follow it, and run at your own pace. My pace is different than yours and your pace is different than Donald Trump. I appreciate that the tortoise never stopped. He did not slow down or get off track or even slept. When he passed his competition, he never looked backed or changed his strategy. He kept moving forward. Use the age old fable to advance your financial future. The myth is that you need a lot of money. What you have in your hands is just enough to get started. Run your own race and get your own plan. Look at the hare – all he had was what he had in his hands. See you at the finish line!

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