You don’t have to go into bankruptcy
September 25, 2010
God’s plan of getting out of debt
October 9, 2010

The one thing about finance that we don’t discuss consistently in which we should  is stewardship. Before we talk about saving, spending and investing, we have to talk about being a steward of our money.   We do not own anything. We are managers of the earth and all the possessions therein. We are tenants. Everything belongs to God. The cars, houses, jobs and the money are all His. We cannot take it with us when we die.   Stewardship is simply managing someone else’s resources to accomplish an objective. God is your source. It is your job to use or “re-source” the provision that God supplies. Therefore, your resources are God’s. He is the One who has given us all things freely to enjoy. He has given us the abundant life. Stewardship is the managing of God’s resources. You have been given the ability to create a profit with the resources given to you by the Almighty God. Isaiah 48:17 says that, I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth by the way that thou shouldest go.


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